Cover Reveal–Foreign Identity

My friend Becca J. Campbell is releasing her first novel next month, and I had the honor of designing the cover! I’m excited about how it turned out, and I think it’s a good fit for her book, which was a super fun read!  Add it on Goodreads now and stay tuned for her giveaways coming soon.

The process of creating the cover was really a true collaborative effort with Becca.  She had a specific vision in mind, and I had to make it come to life.  It was as simple as recreating a couple of moments from the story, but finding the right blend proved challenging.  Shooting my easel with a blank canvas in the woods was fun, and I felt a little like the character who stumbled onto something similar. It standing there alone was creepy enough actually, as it looked out of place.  Anyway, can’t say more, I don’t want to spoil the story, so without further ado…

The cover of Foreign Identity:

Cold. Confusion. Fear. This is how it all begins.

Waking up without your memory in a cell and bound by chains is terrifying.

Two nameless strangers, a man and a woman, find themselves imprisoned together. With no memories of their own identities, let alone their captor and tormentor, escape is the only option. The pair faces a bizarre labyrinth of rooms and clues that confuse more than they explain. Every discovery only brings more questions.

Who captured them? Why were they taken? What does their captor want from them? What can the riddles mean?

Who are they?

Lacking allies and options, the duo must learn to trust one another. Mazes, puzzles, and even strange, lurking creatures force them to rely on their wits–and each other–for survival. But survival isn’t enough. They need answers.

Will the answers be enough? Will the truth bring them closer together, or drive them forever apart? Will discovering their identities finally bring them home?

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